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With a name like Cook House we definitely put a lot of thought into what went into the kitchen.

We tried to pare things down to high-quality essentials but also included some of our favorite cooking tools like the Joule Sous Vide and the KitchenAid mixer. The goal isn’t to have every gadget and fancy tool, but to choose special, functional and beautiful items that will hopefully inspire you to try something new (and will also survive the dishwasher!)

Since a lot of hours are spent in the bedroom we put significant effort into making sure the key elements are of high quality. And of course with any space that is used frequently, durability and maintenance of those elements is also important.

Pair that with the desire to have a refreshing and clear slate for people to rest and refocus, and these are the items we landed on 🙂

The bathroom was another opportunity to create a relaxing and comfortable space… beyond the basics of just getting clean and being on your way. We started with luxury bath products that use high quality ingredients.

A new giant picture window became a focal point, along with an insulated soaking tub angled for a perfect view of the forest. An in-wall european style toilet creates a more sanitary environment and helps create a more open and minimal space.

The vessel sink helps contain splashes and allows for a cleaner counter area, and the custom vanity provides storage space for fluffy white towels. A little curated first aid kit provides the tools needed if an accident (or indigestion) happen.

And of course we made sure there’s a Sonos speaker in there for long baths, or when you don’t want to lose continuity when you run for a bathroom break in the middle of a Netflix marathon.