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We’re new chicken parents (and certainly not animal experts) but that doesn’t mean we just bought a brooder kit and called it a day. We did our best to research each element to try to find options that balance utility, sustainability, ease of use (and even a little style if possible)… not the fastest approach for when we were trying to get set up quickly, but hopefully beneficial for anyone reading this!

There seem to be plenty of plastic containers available for feeding your new baby chicks, but we liked the idea of something more substantial and easier to clean.

This gravity-fed chick feeder is designed to fit on a standard mason jar top and is made of galvanized metal to resist rust (also check out the matching waterer). We got the extra big 32oz size mason jars (which we now also use for our own personal hydration!) Our thinking is that this a good solution for the brooder, and then we’ll move on to a different system when they grow up and move out to the coop!

We’ve got ours sitting on top of a 5.5″ hasami bowl (the tall style), to prop it up high enough so the pine shavings don’t get inside but the chicks can still reach it. So far so good!

Check out the live feed of our chicks, with links to our other brooder components here 🙂

From Amazon

  • DESIGNED FOR BABY CHICKS – This standalone baby chick feeder is designed to be an efficient low maintenance solution for feeding chicks.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH – Screws onto a standard Mason jar to make a gravity feeder.
  • DURABLE STEEL BODY – This feeder is built with a heavy-gauge galvanized steel for corrosion and rust resistance.
  • SAFE DESIGN – The feeder has a rounded, embossed edge to reduce chafing and chance of injury.
  • HIGH FEEDING CAPACITY – The feeder has eight feeding holes that allow multiple chicks to feed at once.

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