DIY Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner

Why we love it

Air conditioning is tough. Self-installed window units are fast and easy to get up and running, but they are LOUD and ugly. Central air systems are not only expensive to buy, but expensive and messy to install.

Enter Mr. Cool. This system is designed to be installed without an HVAC professional (the lines are already pressurized), although you will likely need the help of an electrician. It is incredibly silent, which is perfect for a cabin in the woods. And it is fairly small and unobtrusive (the compressor unit goes outside).

Also, this version is smart, meaning it can be controlled remotely via an app, or through Alexa and Google. They also make covers for the lines that go to the compressor outside, to help it blend in a bit more.

From Mr Cool:

  • New SmartHVAC app: wifi control – compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google assistant – you can control your DIY anywhere with your Apple or android smart device and an Internet connection. Auto restart: never lift a finger – power outage? don’t worry, the Mrcool DIY auto restart will have the unit running again in no time at all
  • Easy DIY installation: 25ft quick connect line doesn’t require special tools, equipment, or training. Gold fin condenser: corrosion resistant – live on the coast? don’t worry, our condenser is built to resist long term corrosion
  • Variable-speed DC inverter compressor technology increases energy efficiency compared to other mini-split air conditioning units .
  • SLEEP mode on remote:Sleep mode will automatically adjust the temperature to maximize comfort during night time sleep. When in COOL mode, the unit will increase the temperature by 2°F after 1 hour, and will increase an additional 2°F after another hour. When in HEAT mode, the unit will decrease the temperature by 2°F after 1 hour, and will decrease an additional 2°F after another hour.After 7 hours operating in SLEEP mode, the system will switch off automatically.
  • Low ambient cooling: cooling down to 5°F – this feature makes the Mrcool DIY the ideal system for computer server rooms, greenhouses, and any other application that requires cooling all year. Follow me feature: by pressing the ‘follow me’ button and keep
  • LEAKAGE DETECTION: Protecting Your Investment – When the MRCOOL DIY detects low coolant an alarm will sound to alert you to the problem. This will prevent damage to the compressor while you maintain high air comfort.

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