Eco Friendly Mattress – Supreme

Why we love it

We’ve been sleeping on Keetsa mattresses since we first stumbled into their store on Mercer Street in NYC around 7 seven years ago.

We were first attracted to the brand because they use more eco-friendly materials and processes… the cotton covering is OEKO-TEX certified, the foam meets CertiPUR-US standards, the fiberfill is partially made from recycled bottles, the boxes are recyclable and use non-toxic inks, the plastic wrapping is biodegradable and the mattresses can all arrive compressed and can be shipped via FedEx.

And we’ve stuck with the brand all these years because we also happen to love the feel of the mattresses. They have multiple options at different makeups and firmness levels, and of course different price points.

This is the Keetsa Tea Leaf Supreme, which is one of their higher end mattresses. It is a pure memory foam mattress (no coils) and is on the softer side. You literally will not feel the person next to you move or even get out of bed. You can try it for yourself at Cook House in the Catskills. Note: the price below is for the twin size.

About the Keetsa Tea Leaf Supreme:

  • Hemp Blend Cover— Soft, smooth, durable fabric certified by STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® for safe contact with skin.
  • Fire Barrier— Cotton fabric treated for fire safety and tested to ensure it contains no harmful substances.
  • Fiber Padding— Fiberfill keeps you cooler by wicking away moisture and increasing air flow.
  • BioFoam®— A double layer of memory foam conforms comfortably to your body shape and temperature, creating a body-conforming contour that cradles you in pressure-free sleep.
  • The Core— Robust foam layer that ensures minimum motion transfer and solid support.

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