Giant Fire Bowl

Why we love it

Sometimes you want a tidy and contained outdoor fire with minimal smoke, and sometimes you want a giant raging cauldron. This fire pit is the second kind of experience.

At 47″ diameter, this fire pit has plenty of room for minimally processed logs and branches from the latest wind storm. It’s not picky about what you use or how you make your fire.

Note that the bottom ring of the fire pit is not attached to the bowl. At first we thought something was wrong, but then realized it was very helpful for keeping your bowl level, even if the base is not on a totally level surface. Also, it’s steel. It will eventually rust, but we like the natural look.

Don’t forget your telescoping marshmallow tongs 🙂

From Amazon:

  • Heavy gauge steel
  • Large 47 inch diameter
  • Sleek design
  • Drain hole included

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