Freestanding Bathtub

Why we love it

When renovating Cook House we were trying to imagine what a special year-round amenity might be that could be enjoyed by anyone. We zeroed in on a statement bathtub pretty quick (and it immediately became our young son’s favorite feature of the property).

There are lots of options when it comes to tubs… cast iron is beautiful but incredibly heavy, especially when you fill it with water (not great for a second floor bathroom with a small stairwell in an old farm house)… porcelain can also be super heavy, with the added issue of potential staining and chipping.

In the end we landed on acrylic because it’s easy to clean, hard to damage and was fairly easy to install. Something to consider though is to add the option for insulation inside (which we did) because one thing with acrylic is that it can lose heat quickly. We also love that Signature Hardware let’s you select a matte black drain (which is really hard to find) to match the rest of our bathroom fixtures.

Another feature we love about this tub is the wide rim, which is just wide enough for extra soap bottles and of course bath toys 🙂

From Signature Hardware:

  • 67″ Dimensions: 66-3/4″ L x 31-1/2″ W (front to back) x 23-3/4″ H (± 1/2″). Water capacity without/with overflow: 59/44 gallons. Weight uncrated/crated: 130/240 lbs.
  • Formed of two 3.8mm acrylic sheets, the air between acting as thermal insulator.
  • Overflow option: includes Extended Pop-Up Drain with Swivel Head. Choose from a Standard overflow which remains open to allow water into the drain, a Press-and-seal overflow which can be closed for additional water depth, or a Daisy Wheel overflow for a classic look.
  • Air tub option: features 12 air jets that massage and relax. Remote control works within 15-foot radius and is designed to float. Tub and air system come fully assembled.
  • Insulation option: increases heat retention and prevents condensation due to water and air temperature fluctuations.

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