Giant DIY Outdoor Screen


Why we love it

Want a super giant screen for watching movies outside? Willing to do a little work of your own to get a clean-looking massive projection surface for less than $500? Then this might be a good solution for you.

We were originally looking for a large screen for projecting on the side of our live-work building that we could still disassemble and reassemble if need be. Ours is 245″ diagonal (10.5′ high x 18′ wide) but they offer a number of different sizes. And of course, we spray painted our conduit black before assembling. We hung ours between two trees with pulleys and sandbags, making sure to keep the bottom corners untethered so it moves in the wind and doesn’t become a giant sail.

The kit comes with a mix of screen fabric, metal connectors, and bongo ties and just requires some metal conduit (easier to acquire locally than to ship) to make it all come together.

If you’re looking for something smaller, retractable and more plug-and-play, though, check out this one.

From Carl’s Place

Our wall-hanging kits are a convenient way for you to mount our very popular finished edge screens. We supply you with the screen, fittings, and bungees needed to make a basic frame that can be hung on a wall, suspended from a ceiling or anything else you can think of! Just pick up a few pipes from your local store, follow our directions, and you’ll be rolling with a big screen like no other!

What’s Included:

  • Finished edge screen of your choice
  • All required fittings to complete a frame
  • 6-inch ball bungees
  • Assembly instructions

What’s Not Included:

1-inch EMT (Electrical Metal Tubing/Conduit) is required to complete these frames. EMT steel pipe can be found at any local hardware store. Your kit will include all details on what lengths and quantities of EMT are required.

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