Heat Bulb

Why we love it

We’re new chicken parents (and certainly not animal experts) but that doesn’t mean we just bought a brooder kit and called it a day.

We did our best to research each element to try to find options that balance utility, sustainability, ease of use (and even a little style if possible)… not the fastest approach for when we were trying to get set up quickly, but hopefully beneficial for anyone reading this!

The heat lamp (and bulb) is one item we went standard on though… there are other fancier heating options, but this seemed less purpose-built and more reusable for the future. We’d recommend buying 2 bulbs so you have a backup just in case.

Check out the live feed of our chicks, with links to our other brooder components here 🙂

From Tractor Supply

  • 250R40/1 250 watt BR40
  • 120V Medium (E26) Base
  • Flood Incandescent Light Bulb
  • single pack

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