Hinoki Wood bath mat

Why we love it

Not only does this mat by Tosaryu look nice and provide a secure little platform for getting into the tub, it also smells incredible.

Made of Japanese Hinoki Cypress wood, it’s naturally mold and mildew resistant so you don’t need to wash it like you do a traditional fabric mat and a grooved surface provides better grip while helping it dry out faster.


Large: 23.5″ W x 13.75″ L


Hinoki Cypress Wood


Kochi, Japan

Made by


From Jinen Store:

Through responsible logging, Tosaryu keeps forests healthy and rivers clean. Ample forests reduce carbon dioxide in the air to offset any emissions put out in producing goods to ship to market. Tosaryu strives to use all parts of the tree, including branches and leaves, in order to reduce CO2 emissions to the greatest extent possible. For example, Hinoki leaves are used for oil in their soap. The branches are used to make aromatherapy flakes. And anything that is still left over becomes the composite wood used in their lightweight cutting boards.

It is Tosaryu’s mission to continue to develop wood products that play a role in the creation of a cheerful, comfortable lifestyle and a green future for all.

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