Kids Ride-On Suitcase

Why We Love It

I can’t even tell you the number of times this suitcase has turned what would have been long and tortuous journeys from car to plane, to a complete breeze. The ride-on functionality of this suitcase for toddlers works great, and our son is so excited to ride it that he doesn’t even need any convincing. The suitcase itself is pretty small, so if we’re going on a longer trip we let him pack it himself with toys and books.

The top of the suitcase comes off and is designed to flip over with a little sliding piece that extends to turn any airplane seat into a kind of kid’s bed. There is a custom “mattress”/bumper that fits in the suitcase top to make it more comfortable, but we took that out and just use our own blankets/scarves if we use it for this purpose at all.

The wheels have held up great so far to a year or so of travel. Definitely worth the investment for the saved time and reduced travel stress 🙂

From Stokke:

  • Jetkids turns a standard economy seat into a first class children’s seat in five simple steps; universal and fits into most standard economy seats
  • Kids can be pulled along on the spacious carry-on size suitcase, pull it themselves, and even ride on the suitcase; adjustable strap also lets parents carry Jetkids on their shoulder
  • The travel bed for baby and toddler includes green aurora BedBox, mattress and side panels, adjustable strap, and two sheets of decorative stickers
  • Shock-absorbing front swivel wheels give you excellent maneuvering, with a top handle for kids to hold while riding
  • Jetkids suitcase can be used in planes, trains, ferries, or wherever a seat extender is convenient
  • 18 x 14 x 8 inches

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