Minimalist Everyday Cookware : Casserole

Why we love it

There are a few core things that are pretty important to us when considering cookware for everyday use… we’d love it to be easy to clean, we want it to work on any cooking surface (including induction), and of course hopefully it works well. Combine those elements with a vessel that is beautiful and it’s a winning combination.

Crane Cookware comes from a small manufacturer based in the UK. Their first line is a set of enameled cast iron, which means it has the excellent cooking properties of cast iron without the tricky cleaning and seasoning ritual designed to keep it from rusting.

The other interesting feature of this cookware (besides the beautiful lines and finish) is that all of the pots and pans are the same diameter, so they can all use the same lids.

Made from 30% recycled (scrap) iron, the pots and pans (and kraft packaging and tape) are also 100% recyclable and free from lead, cadmium, PFOAs & PTFEs.

From Crane:

  • Vitreous Enameled Cast Iron
  • Easy to clean
  • Free from Cadmium, Lead, PFOAs & PTFEs
  • Oven safe & work on all hobs (including Induction)
  • Made from 30% recycled materials
  • Hand Cast In France

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