Minimalist high chair

Why we love it

When it came down to picking a high chair for our little one, we were trying to consider a few things. How safe is it? How easy is it to set up and use? How much space does it take up? How does it look in our space? Can it grow with our child?

We ended up choosing the Stokke steps system mainly because of its reusability… we already had their bouncy chair (which is easy to use and easy to look at) and that chair can actually clip onto this high chair to bring a tiny baby up to table height.

Then there’s a matte plastic seat attachment (with optional tray) for a child that can hold themselves upright. The tray makes it easy for the chair to float anywhere around the room, but is less necessary when you slide the chair up to your dining table. And when they’re even older, the seat comes out to make a sturdy tall chair with a step for easy climbing.

There are lots of accessories, but we kept it simpler without seat pads for easier cleaning. One trade off is that while the seat is sturdy, it takes up quite a bit of space and doesn’t fold up. But the added safety is great and we felt it blended in well enough in our space to feel more like a special chair for our special person than a shiny plastic invasion. It also disassembles into much smaller pieces for long-term storage.

From Amazon:

  • Part of the Stokke Steps high chair seating system
  • Your child can comfortably sit at the dining table and enjoy mealtimes with the rest of family
  • The rounded generous seat and back give optimal ergonomics; suitable from around 6 months
  • The easy tool-free adjustable footrest allows your child to climb in and out independently
  • Suitable from newborn with clip on baby bouncer accessory

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