Outdoor Club Chairs

Why we love it

When looking for outdoor furniture, we’re always trying to strike the right balance between looks, comfort and durability.

While wood furniture is just so beautiful, it requires covering after use and will eventually deteriorate or require maintenance when left outside (especially in harsh temperatures). Plastic is, well, plastic. It can be great when used purposefully to achieve a high quality and durable end result, but sad when used to create something cheap which inevitably breaks quickly and ends up in a landfill. Fabric is super comfortable, but can be hard to keep looking good. Metal can be durable but is not always comfortable or affordable.

These chairs strike a great balance for us, using a combination of metal and fabric. We first tried them out at a friend’s house, and loved how comfortable they were and how neutral they were for fitting into different settings.

Now that we’ve had them for a few years at Zink Cabin, we are even bigger fans. They live outside in sun and rain and snow and sleet and still look and feel basically the same as the day we got them 🙂

From Target:

  • Includes 2 patio accent chairs
  • Scotchgard-treated fabric resists staining and repels moisture
  • Powder- and E-coated steel frame for lasting durability
  • Rust-resistant to help keep things looking as good as new

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