The little wood fired pizza oven that could

Why we love it

Our pizza-making journey started many years ago and has evolved from a tiny BBQ grill with a micro pizza stone on Clinton Street in NYC (literally on the sidewalk in front of our storefront studio) to our home oven with a bigger pizza stone, and finally to this wood-fired workhorse that we use year-round in the Catskills.

We found this oven after weeks of research trying to find something that wasn’t too big, that had all the key components (insulation being key) and that could also be moved since we’re always changing up how and where we cook at our live/work studio in the woods.

The makers of this oven originally manufactured restaurant equipment, and then realized that they had some good ideas for taking that expertise and turning it into pizza ovens instead. You can order your oven online and have it shipped via Amazon, or you can call Il Fornino up and pick it up from their showroom in New Jersey and try to stuff it into your car in as many small pieces as possible (like we did).

We’ve had it now for over 2 years and we still use it multiple times a week without any issue. Have any specific questions? Hit Doug up on Instagram or check out some of his creations in his highlights 🙂



From Il Fornino

  • The F- Series Mini Professional is an upgrade from the F- Series Mini Basic. It is made from heavy gauge stainless steel. It conatins 2-Layers of Refractory Ceramic Fiber Insulation.
  • The dome is a double wall 4″ stainless steel with thick insulation.
  • 900 °F Thermometer door mounted.
  • The ilFornino F- Series Mini Professional Flooring is made from 1.5″ One Flat Cooking Surface as the ilFornino Professional Series.
  • Oven dimensions: 35 ¾” L x 30 ¾” W. Cooking area is about 750 square inches.

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