Self-Knowledge Cards

Why we love it

The School of Life takes weighty, complicated subjects and makes them more approachable and easier to address.

They have a small (and beautiful) book on Self-Knowledge, and this set of cards makes for a dynamic and interactive extension to it. Or just experience them on their own and have fun (or have an existential crisis) learning new things about yourself and those close to you.

From The School of Life

It’s hard to understand who we really are: what we want, how we feel and why we react as we do. This lack of self-knowledge can be trouble, for it makes us get into the wrong relationships, pick unsatisfactory jobs or spend money unwisely. No wonder Socrates summed up all the counsel of philosophy in just two words: ‘Know Yourself’.

These cards are designed to assist us in a journey of self-knowledge; they present us with a range of ideas and questions that can help us to understand ourselves better.

60 cards in box | 104mm x 73mm x 36mm.

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