Silicone Skin for Outdoor Camera

Why we love it

A bright white outdoor security camera at night or in a natural setting is not very discrete, so we use these third party silicone skins to help the Nest outdoor camera blend more into their environment, simultaneously increasing security and creating less of an eyesore.

They come in a range of colors… we usually pick the black (surprise!).

From the seller:

  • PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT – Keep your Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera protected from the elements with our weatherproof and UV light resistant silicone skins (Nest Cam Outdoor sold separately).
  • CAMOUFLAGE YOUR NEST CAM – Choose from a variety of colors to make your bright white Nest Cam Outdoor blend in seamlessly with the color tone of your home
  • EASY SLIP ON MECHANISM – Our patent pending design allows you to slip on the skins within seconds; The skins are durable enough to protect your camera but thin enough not to impair the magnetic mount

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