Wireless Subwoofer

Why we love it

Once you get started using Sonos, it’s easy to keep adding to your system. Pair this powerful subwoofer with your Sonos Beam, and a few Sonos One’s for a complete surround sound experience that is easily configured, wirelessly controllable and (if using with the Beam) has Alexa voice control built-in.

Even though we live in the woods we don’t generally don’t find ourselves needing to use this thing at full power, but we’re pretty certain it can handle whatever levels you might be looking for. It’s (fairly) slim profile and angular shape also makes it easy to hide it along a wall or next to a piece of furniture.

From Sonos:

  • The wireless subwoofer for deep bass.
  • Hear and feel the difference when you wirelessly connect Sub to your Sonos system.
  • Stand it upright, place it on its side, or tuck it under the couch.
  • Experience pure bass with zero buzz, rattle, or vibration.
  • Pair with Sonos Beam, Playbar, or Playbase for incredible home theater and add rear surrounds for immersive sound.

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